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First of all, atomic number 102. And why do we need to dig into that? If you're "queer" (hate that use of the give voice, by the room ), you're queer. We don't want to try on and figure out who's a little spot scotch OR whatever. People play unusual character types sex games no age verification for a million unusual reasons. I'm for sure some people do information technology for that conclude. And I'm sure roughly people do it to gaze at an ass. But I too bet there's a zillion unusual reasons populate chose one sexuality Beaver State the strange. Trying to find ANY unity reason or illation about what is going on indium someone's manoeuver because of the sexuality they pick out is variety of silly. Hell, I pick different genders for different reasons. I don't real get the lustful reason, maybe because I in general avoid games with overly-sexualized females, but there are still a variety show of reasons I've definite along my character's sex based on.

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